SCL Codes

Here is a list of codes developed at SCL. Public use and modification of these codes is allowed providing the appropriate papers (cited within the codes) are properly acknowledged in ensuing publications. SCL would be grateful for all information and/or comments regarding the use of these codes.

Codes that are not linked are currently not in public domain. Interested users should contact SCL.
  • SPEEDUP and BEC codes for efficient calculation of path integrals and properties of ultra-cold quantum gases
    (developed by Antun Balaz and Ivana Vidanovic)
  • SOLAR code for simulating planetary system formation
    (developed by Antun Balaz)
  • GRANULAR code for molecular dynamics simulations of the compaction of spherical particles systems under vertical vibrations
    (developed by Dusan Arsenovic)
  • RRSM code for simulating the reversible random sequential model of granular comapction
    (developed by Ljupka Budinski-Petkovic)
  • QCL code for optimization of quantum cascade laser active region parameters and calculation of output properties in magnetic field
    (developed by Milan Zezelj and Jelena Smiljanic)