COST Action MP1303: Understanding and Controlling Nano and Mesoscale Friction

Recent years have seen widespread efforts to understand the mechanisms of friction and tribology in micrometric structures (mesoscale) down to the realm of atoms and molecules (nanoscale), with the ultimate goal of controlling friction, adhesion and wear by design. This research has generated an interdisciplinary scientific area, nanotribology, with great potential impact on technology and everyday life. Applications include safety, economy, life quality, energy and material saving, toward a sustainable development. Europe has a strong scientific nanotribology community spreading over physics, materials science, chemistry, earth and life sciences. So far, this community lacks a chance to interact closely enough: it is in urgent need of better networking, to favor collaboration among groups and exchange of complementary expertise. A COST Action, operating beyond the national horizons, can indeed mobilize and put together the critical mass of existing human and technical nanotribology resources at a modest price, thus representing a unique opportunity for an efficient scientific investment.