grbsrbije III43007: Climate Change and its effects on the Environment - Monitoring, Modeling, Adapting, Mitigating
Ministry of Education and Science of Serbia, Integrated Interdisciplinary Research Project
SCL heads activities in Sub-project 4: Implementation of numerical models on HPC platforms.

Sub-project 4 will implement the numerical models of climate change realized within the project on High Performance Computing platforms. The planned activities include applied and developmental research, innovation and dissemination activities.
The key planned outcomes of sub-project 4:
  1. Climate models optimized and implemented for production on "Blue Danube” supercomputing platform.
  2. Climatology researchers trained to use National supercomputing infrastructure.

The stated results will be realized through the following specific activities that will be undertaken within the sub-project:

  1. Analysis of climate models from the point of their implementation on massively parallel platforms (applied research).
  2. Adaptation and optimization of climate models for production runs on the specific hardware platform of the "Blue Danube” supercomputer (developmental research).
  3. Development and implementation of user training modules enabling climatology researchers to use the National supercomputing infrastructure "Blue Danube” (innovative activity).
  4. Dissemination of the obtained results of the numerical modeling of climate change, including the creation and maintenance of a central portal to be hosted at the Regional Centre for Climate Change for South East Europe (dissemination activity).