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Nenad Vukmirović
Research Professor
PhD 2007, University of Leeds
nenad [dot] vukmirovic [at] scl [dot] rs

The research interests of Nenad Vukmirović are related to theory and simulation of electronic structure and electronic transport in organic semiconducting materials and inorganic nanostructures. Particular emphasis is put on the applications of these simulations for understanding the performance of realistic devices, such as lasers, photodetectors, solar cells and batteries. In the area of inorganic nanostructures, he worked on semi-empirical methods for a description of electron and exciton states in quantum dots and developed the theoretical framework for the simulation of mid- and far-infrared optoelectronic devices based upon them. In the area of organic materials, he developed the methods based on density functional theory capable of describing the systems with as much as tens of thousands of atoms that enable the calculations of the density of states, the wavefunction localization lengths, the electron-phonon coupling constants and eventually the mobility.

Selected Publications