Tools developed at SCL

As a part of the Scientific Computing Laboratory development activities, several tools useful for maintenance and management of gLite-based Grid sites have been developed. These tools perform various functions, from monitoring and problem diagnostics to site installation, configuration and management. Some of them can be used on a general-purpose Linux-type clusters, but mainly they are used in everyday Grid operations, and operational support by site administrators in order to allow efficient and reliable management of Grid services and their full availability to end users.


Cumulative Grid Monitoring Script (CGMT) is a set of scripts accompanied by the simple web interfaces developed for Grid site monitoring and integrated presentation of the results provided by various monitoring tools. Some of these scripts can be deployed on any general-purpose computing cluster, without the involvement of gLite middleware.


The set of scl-scripts is developed in the BASH scripting language. It is intended to simplify the management of medium or large computer clusters. Using these scripts it is possible to execute the same command on all nodes or to distribute the files on many nodes in an automated way. The set scl-scripts consists of five scripts and one configuration file per group of nodes or servers.

WatG Browser:

The WatG Browser (What is at the Grid Browser) is a web-based Grid Information System (GIS) visualization application providing detailed overview of the status and availability of various Grid resources in a given gLite-based e-Infrastructure. It is able to query and present data obtained from Grid information systems at different layers: from local resource information system for a particular Grid service (GRIS), to the Grid site information system (site BDII), and to the top-level information system for the whole Grid infrastructure (top-level BDII).


gFinger is a command-line tool that provides information on local VOMS mapping of users authenticated by digital certificates on various Grid services, such as Computing Element (CE), Workload Management System (WMS), Storage Element (SE), etc.


Dwarf is a framework used for authorized Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) and Yellow dog Updater Modified (YUM) repositories management.