Scientific Computing Laboratory provides high performance computing and storage facilities for eScience research. In total, more than 1000 CPUs and 50 TB of storage capacity are logically divided into three Grid sites (AEGIS01-IPB-SCL, AEGIS07-IPB-ATLAS, and AEGIS08-IPB-DEMO) and one local cluster.

AEGIS01-IPB-SCL Grid site consists of 89 worker nodes (2 x quad core Xeon E5345 @ 2.33 GHz with 8GB of RAM) and 15 service nodes (Xeon-based nodes). As the largest Grid site in Serbia, it is the Tier-0 site in the Serbian Grid infrastructure, providing all core services and management of national AEGIS Virtual Organization. All computing and core service nodes at AEGIS01-IPB-SCL Grid site are interconnected by the star topology Gigabit Ethernet network through three stacked high-throughput Layer 3 switches, each node being connected to the switch by two Gigabit Ethernet cables in channel bonding. In terms of storage resources, AEGIS01-IPB-SCL provides 27 TB of disk space to the Grid community. The site uses Scientific Linux 5.4 with gLite 3.2 middleware, and supports national AEGIS, regional SEE, SEEGRID, SGDEMO, METEO, ENV, SEISMO, pan-European ATLAS and CMS, and DESKTOPGRID Virtual Organizations.

AEGIS07-IPB-ATLAS is the second-largest Serbian Grid site is based on 128 Intel Xeon processors with 32-bit architecture and the total of 96GB of RAM. The site supports several virtual organizations, but is mainly dedicated to the ATLAS VO community of the CERN LHC experiment.

AEGIS08-IPB-DEMO Grid site is used purely for educational/training purposes. It is based on Xen virtual machines deployed on a single node with two Intel Xeon Quad-core CPUs with 16 GB of RAM. It is used in various training events for demonstration of installation and configuration of different Grid services.

Local cluster consists of several nodes based on the new computing architectures: IBM POWER6, PowerXCell, the latest Intel, and AMD Opteron CPUs. The hardware is located in one IBM BladeCenter, and in several separate 1U rack-mount servers. IBM BladeCenter has three kinds of servers (two Intel Xeon E5405, two POWER6, and two IBM PowerXCell 8i processors) within the H-type chassis, and one server based on latest Intel Nehalem Xeon processor with InfiniBand interconnection. In terms of storage resources, local cluster has 20TB storage capacity interconnected with 10 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as with the rest of the infrastructure.


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