SCL at DPG09

The latest results on properties of fast-rotating Bose-Einstein condensates, obtained by SCL researchers in collaboration with Dr. Axel Pelster as a part of the bilateral Serbian-German project PI-BEC, were presented at the DPG 2009 Spring Meeting, held from 22 to 27 March in Dresden, Germany. In a talk "Ultra-fast Converging Path Integral Approach for Rotating Ideal Bose Gases" given in DY1 session of the Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division on 23 March 2009, SCL's A. Balaz presented newly obtained numerical results for global and local properties of ideal BECs, calculated using the effective action path integral approach introduced earlier and further developed in a recent PRE paper. The contribution presented at the DPG09 conference is a result of a joint work with Ivana Vidanovic, Aleksandar Bogojevic and Axel Pelster. BEC time-of-flight movies embedded in the presentation are available for download here.

Further collaboration ideas and visits in the framework of PI-BEC project were discussed and current status of BEC calculations was reviewed with Axel Pelster during the conference. There were also some useful discussions with his students Markus Düttmann and Oliver Gabel, based on their contributions presented at the conference: "Variational Methods with and without Replicas for a Zero-Dimensional Disorder Model" (by M. Düttmann, J. Dietel and A. Pelster) and "Quench Dynamics of Harmonically Trapped Ideal Bosons" (by O. Gabel and A. Pelster). Several discussions were also initiated during the Symposium on Anderson Localization in Nonlinear and Many-Body Systems and some sessions of the Low Temperature Physics Division.

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