Scientific computing has become a tool as vital as experimentation and theory for addressing twenty-first century scientific challenges. The Scientific Computing Laboratory at the Institute of Physics Belgrade (SCL-IPB) aims to be at the forefront of the development of this novel research tool.

In 2006 the laboratory was recognized as a EU centre of excellence for computational modeling of complex systems. It’s researchers look at simulations and models as heuristic tools in a broad problem-solving process. Modern high-performance computing facilities make possible the first step in this process: a view of new and previously inaccessible domains in science and the building up of intuition regarding new phenomenology. The final goal of this process is to translate this newfound intuition into: Better algorithms, New analytical results, Novel technological applications.

SCL-IPB is at the focal point of the development of high-performance computing in Serbia and South East Europe. It coordinates the Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia (AEGIS), participates in pan-European (EGI-Inspire) and regional (HP-SEE) Grid projects, and represents Serbia in the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE). In 2008 SCL-IPB helped launch Serbia’s ambitious seven-year supercomputing initiative. The centerpiece of this initiative will be the new National Supercomputing and Data Storage Facility (NSDSF), to be located on the IPB campus, and housing the Blue Danube supercomputer.