grbsrbije ON171017: Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Many-Body Systems
Ministry of Education and Science of Serbia, National Research Project
The exponential growth of computing power in the last decades has promoted scientific computing into a novel research tool and the method of choice to attack complex physical problems not easily amenable to standard experimental or theoretical investigations.
The purpose of the proposed project is to harness state of the art computer facilities of the Scientific Computing Laboratory at the Institute of Physics Belgrade to gain key insight into the behavior of complex classical and quantum many-body systems. This will be achieved by numerical modeling, and the newfound intuition will be converted into better algorithms and new analytical results.
Research will be organized into the following topics:
  • Efficient calculation of path integrals with applications to ultra-cold quantum gases
  • Modeling and simulations of granular materials including long-range triboelectric forces,
  • Study of strongly correlated quantum systems with applications to systems with topological phases and to metal-insulator transition, and
  • Modeling of information processing in complex classical and quantum systems.
We also plan to pursue a promising avenue of research related to the modeling of transport processes in nano-structured materials and in organic semiconductors.
The proposed research is a continuation of the previous work of our team, and contains significant and ambitious advancements with respect to earlier results.