SCL Seminar by Nenad Vukmirovic

SCL's Nenad Vukmirovic presented a seminar:

"Electron-phonon interaction in organic crystalline semiconductors"

In this talk, a brief introduction to our current understanding of the structure and electrical properties of small molecule based organic crystals will be presented first. The methodology for the calculation of electron-phonon coupling constants on a dense grid throughout the whole Brillouin zone will then be introduced. The details of its implementation on high performance computing architectures will be discussed next. The methodology was then used to gain insight into the nature of charge carriers in naphthalene crystal. Our results suggest that the strength of electron-phonon coupling is insufficient for formation of small polarons in crystalline naphthalene and other oligoacene semiconductors [1].

[1] N. Vukmirovic, C. Bruder, and V. M. Stojanovic, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 126407 (2012).

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