IBM's M. Remiszewski visits SCL again

During his second visit to SCL on 2 April 2009, organized as a follow-up to the visit in January 2009, Maciej Remiszewski from IBM Poland discussed with SCL representatives possible extensions of the current collaboration. In particular, joining of the Institute of Physics Belgrade to the IBM Academic Initiative and signing of an agreement on joint research collaboration with the ICM institute were considered as next steps. After recent participation of SCL in an event organized by ICM, it was agreed that the remote use of ICM's IBM-based cluster and porting to the Cell architecture of some of SCL's applications with the support of ICM staff will be starting points of the collaboration.

During the meeting, SCL's Dusan Arsenovic and Vladimir Slavnic presented porting of largely used molecular dynamics application Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS) to Cell processors. Also, SCL's Igor Stankovic and Dusan Vudragovic presented molecular dynamics simulation of Lithium ions in graphite structures using communication-intensive replicata data algorithm and the work on its porting to Power6 architecture.

This visit was organized in collaboration with IBM Serbia's Jelena Vukajlovic, designated by IBM as a focal point for collaboration with SCL and Institute of Physics Belgrade. Srdjan Vucicevic from IBM Serbia also participated in the meeting.

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