''Marko V. Jaric'' prize awarded to Vladimir Dobrosavljevic

The tenth annual "Marko V. Jaric" prize for outstanding scientific achievement in physics was awarded to professor Vladimir Dobrosavljevic, Department of Physics, Florida State University, Tallahassee. The prize was awarded to professor Dobrosavljevic on the 17th of March 2009 at the official presentation ceremony held at the University of Belgrade. On behalf of the "Marko V. Jaric" foundation the financial award that goes with the prize was given by Bozidar Djelic, Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Science and Technological development. After a brief acceptance speech, professor Dobrosavljevic gave a talk presenting the research contribution for which he was honored.

The presentation ceremony and the colloquium were attended by colleagues from all the national research institutions including majority of previous laureates; by representatives of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the Serbian Physical society and related professional organizations; by representatives from the Ministry of Sciences and Technological development, Ministry of Diaspora, the Serbian unity congress; by representatives of the Foundation's Governing Board as well as members of the family of the late professor Marko Jaric. The presentation ceremony was widely covered by national print and electronic media.

The Scientific Computing Laboratory congratulates professor Dobrosavljevic and the laboratory associate members for this well deserved award.

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