Parallel & Distributed Computing seminar

Center for Scientific Research of SASA and University of Kragujevac organized seminar on Parallel and Distributed Computing - the Application on 28. of March 2008.

Lecturers and topics:

  • M.Djuran (Rector of University) and N. Tasic (SANU): Opening ceremony
  • N. Filipovic (CSANU, Kragujevac): Application of parallel computing in CSANU projects
  • A. Belic (Institute of Physics, Belgrade): Serbian Grid Initiative and European Grid Projects
  • Z. Jovanovic (RCUB, Belgrade): Grid - Sharing resources on the network
  • A. Balaz (Institut of Physics, Belgrade): National,Regional and World-wide Grid eInfrastructure
  • B. Marovic (RCUB, Belgrade): Grid - User Access and Application Development
  • M. Ivanovic (CSANU, Kragujevac): Introduction to Parallel Computing, Numerical Simulation Applications
  • Z. Matovic (PMF, Kragujevac): Life Science Modeling and Simulations - High Perfomance Computing
  • N. Milivojevic (Faculty of Mech. Engineering, Kragujevac): Distributed Information Systems in Optimisation Problems of Hydro-informatics

Seminar was attended by approximatelly 60 people, generally employees and technical and science students from the University. CSANU also awarded a student scholarship. The administrators of AEGIS04-KG were pleased to receive an award from the Serbian grid initiative AEGIS for one of the most available grid sites in South-East European region.