SCL Seminar by Zoran Andjelkovic

Scientific Computing Laboratory seminar will be held on Thursday, 7 July 2016 at 14:00 in the library reading room “Dr. Dragan Popović" of the Institute of Physics Belgrade. The talk entitled

"Lasers meet stored highly charged ions - is QED as correct as we think it is?"

will be given by Dr. Zoran Anđelković (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany).

Abstract of the talk:

GSI Darmstadt, Germany, is one of the leading accelerator facilities for experiments with heavy, highly charged ions (HCI). Its routine production of ion bunches of up to 10^8 uranium U91+ or even bare U92+ opens many possibilities for nuclear and atomic physics. These ions can be directed to a stationary target for collision processes or stored in order to study interaction processes. We will give an overview of some of the GSI facilities such as the ion decelerator and trap HITRAP, the experimental storage ring ESR and the low-energy ring CRYRING (links below).

In this talk we will also present some of the recent laser spectroscopy experiments with stored HCI. Due to the long interaction time and availability of large ion bunches, even slow processes like spectroscopy of forbidden ground-state hyperfine transitions become possible. The extreme electric and magnetic fields that exist around the cores of HCI have a large influence on the few or even one single remaining electron in the shell. This configuration offers unique opportunities to test the bound-state quantum electrodynamics (QED) in the strong-field regime [1,2,3].

Internet links:
HITRAP decelerator and ion traps -
GSI experimental storage ring -
Low-energy storage ring CRYRING -

[1] F. Herfurth, et. al., Phys. Scr. T166, 014063 (2015).
[2] M. Lochmann, et. al., Phys. Rev. A 90, 030501(R) (2014).
[3] Z. Andelkovic, et. al., Phys. Rev. A 87, 033423 (2013).