SCL Seminar by Igor Stankovic

On March 17, at 15:00, in the library of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, SCL's Igor Stankovic will present a seminar talk entitled:

"From ... to ... physics : models for connecting scales"

Abstract: Understanding of processes in nature either from a point of view of science or optimization in engineering, requires a synchronized contributions of theory, experiment, and computer modeling. In significant number of cases, computer simulations based on theory can serve as an important addition to experiment, or even replace an experiment in cases when the experiment would be expensive or too complex. Use of molecular dynamics or quantum mechanics results of to describe the macroscopic processes requires development of models that link different scales (temporal and spatial), or in the narrower sense of models that describe dependence system characteristic in a wide range of parameters, e.g., the size of the system or its density The models that connect the scale are particularly important for the design of materials, as they allow to predict material properties and behavior based on the knowledge of the structure and properties of elementary processes. This lecture will present examples of modeling of transport processes in systems for the exhaust gases after-treatment, molecular modeling of fuel droplet interaction with the environment, particle agglomeration and transport in percolating networks. Special attention will be devoted to the review of software tools and methods.

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[5] I. Stankovic, "Towards Understanding of Influence of Restricted Geometry on Self-Diffusion in Porous Media", Acta Phys. Pol. A 116 (2009) 701.

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