SCL Seminar by Marcelo Rozenberg

Dr Marcelo Rozenberg, from the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides CNRS - Universite Paris Sud 11, presented a seminar talk entitled

"Mechanism for resistive switching in transition metal oxides"


Resistive random access memories (RRAM) composed of a transition metal oxide dielectric in a capacitor-like structure is a candidate technology for next generation non-volatile memory devices. We introduce a model that accounts for the bipolar resistive switching phenomenom observed in many perovskite transition metal oxides. The numerical study of the model predicts that strong electric fields develop in the highly resistive dielectric-electrode interfaces, leading to a spatially inhomogeneous oxygen vacancies distribution and a concomitant *memresistive* effect. The theoretical results qualitatively reproduce non-trivial resistance hysteresis loops measured in cuprate YBCO and manganite PCLMO samples that we also report, providing key validation to our model. Moreover, we describe a proof of concept for a novel 6-bit multilevel non-volatile memory.