SCL Seminar by Ivana Vasic

SCL's Ivana Vasic (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Frankfurt; SCL, Institute of Physics Belgrade) presented a seminar talk entitled 

"Dissipation through localised loss in bosonic systems with long-range interactions".

In the recent years, controlled dissipation has proven to be a useful tool for probing of quantum systems in the ultracold setup. In this talk we will consider dynamics of bosons induced by a dissipative local defect. We will address superfluid and supersolid phases that are ground states of an extended Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian. To this end, we will solve the master equation using the Gutzwiller approximation and find that in the usual homogeneous superfluid phase repulsive interactions lead to enhanced dissipation process. On the other hand, our mean-field approach indicates that the effective loss rates are significantly suppressed deep in the supersolid phase where repulsive nearest neighbour interactions play a dominant role. Our numerical results will be explained by an analytical insight and in particular, in the limit of strong dissipation we will recover the quantum Zeno effect.