SCL seminar by Miroslav Micic

SCL hosted IPB-wide seminar by Miroslav Micic from the Department of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia, on 10 May 2010, entitled "Massive black holes".

Abstract of the talk:

The formation and growth of massive and supermassive black holes is closely linked with the evolution of galaxies and dark matter haloes. As they grow, they form the morphology of the central parts of galaxies. Numerical simulations are years away from connecting physical processes that control the dynamics on large scales (megaparsec, gigayear) collision of galaxies and small scale (subparsec, megayear) gas accretion, star formation and morphology of the central galaxy.

In this seminar I will present the latest results from the numerical and semi-analytical work devoted to the formation of the M-sigma black holes in centers of quasars and massive elliptical galaxies, as well as non-M-sigma black holes in spiral and dwarf galaxies.

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