SCL at University of Belgrade Faculty of Physics

Some of SCL's current research topics were presented to students of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Physics on 11 March 2009, as a part of the subject Seminars on Modern Physics, taught by Doc. Dr. Marija Dimitrijevic. She invited SCL's Antun Balaz and Igor Stankovic to give introductory lectures related to their research fields for 3rd year physics students.

In a talk entitled "Numerical study of properties of fast-rotating Bose-Einstein condensates" (in Serbian), Antun Balaz presented recently developed effective action approach to the calculation of path integrals and its application to the study of BEC phenomena in ideal gases. (If embedded movies do not work, you can download them here.)

Igor Stankovic introduced molecular dynamics approach to the modeling of complex physical systems in a lecture "Towards

 simulations". In particular, he gave an overview of basic results obtained by molecular dynamics simulations of dry friction in metals and of the flow in porous media.

Afterwards, some technical details were clarified and new developments in presented research fields were discussed with students and Prof. Dr. Suncica Elezovic-Hadzic, who also attended the lectures.