SCL’s Jakša Vučičević wins IPB Research Prize

The Annual IPB Research Prize is awarded for significant contribution to a particular field of physical sciences achieved at the Institute. The prize is awarded for scientific results achieved in whole or partly at the Institute, have been published during the previous two calendar years, and presented at one of the regular seminars or colloquia at the Institute.

IPB 2022 Annual Research Prize was awarded to SCL’s Dr. Jakša Vučičević for his significant contribution to two theoretical subjects in our understanding of the strongly correlated electron systems.
The first subject is related to the development of the diagrammatic Monte-Carlo method in the real-frequency domain, where he significantly improved the calculation of the dynamic response of strongly correlated systems. For this, he used the first completely controlled method for computation of the spectral function in the Hubbard model and discovered the analytical solution for multiple integrals over the imaginary-time in Feynman-diagram expansion.
The second subject is related to the calculation of the d.c. conductivity of strongly correlated electronic systems. Dr. Vučičević gave a significant contribution by generalizing the theoretical formalism of the dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) to include the orbital effects of external magnetic fields. Using this formalism, he was able to explain the role of the temperature in the Brown-Zak quantum oscillations in the d.c. conductivity.

For his work, Dr. Vučičević used and developed many advanced numerical methods, but his most important contribution is to the advancement of the analytical solutions and its rigorous proofs, as well as the analysis of the numerical results and their comparison to the available experimental data.

Congratulations, Jakša!

Prize committee report (in Serbian)