pecat-no-trans CX-CMCS: EU Centre of Excellence for Computer Modeling of Complex Systems
European Commission, FP6 project

The strategic objective of the CX-CMCS project is to transform the Scientific Computing Laboratory into a centre of excellence, i.e. to decisively increase the quality of research conducted at SCL, and make it a preferred West Balkan research partner for EU institutions working in the fields of simulation of complex systems and of GRID technology. SCL is a unit of the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. The Institute contributes more than 10% of the total scientific output of Serbia and constantly ranks among the best R&D institutions in the region. SCL currently has 17 staff members, and participates in several international and national projects, including FP6 projects CX-CMCS, SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-2, EGEE-II, and Cost action P10 (Physics of Risk). SCL defines the current state of the art in high performance computing in the West Balkan region with its PARADOX cluster. CX-CMCS aims to reinforce the research capacity of the SCL by: hiring young researchers; providing training and mobility for the research staff; upgrading the computing infrastructure. The success of this endeavor will be measured through a benchmarking exercise to be performed in the projects last year. Our networking partners (4 from EU and 3 from Serbia) have been carefully selected to provide the skills and expertise necessary to reinforce the research potential of SCL through training and joint research. The proposed equipment upgrade will make it possible to tackle even the most complex GRID applications allowing SCL to become a key regional player in deployment and use of this emerging technology. The CX-CMCS International Advisory Board will help SCL develop a long term strategy and facilitate its integration into ERA.