SCL Seminar by Marina Radulaski

Marina Radulaski, from Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab, Stanford University, presented a seminar talk entitled:

"Silicon Carbide Nanophotonics"

Some of the last decade’s developments in nanophotonics include room temperature qubits in diamond, highly efficient frequency conversion in III-V semiconductors, light sources and switches based on cavity QED in nanoresonators with InGaAs quantum dots, etc. Silicon carbide has recently emerged as a promising nanophotonics material, combining the properties of the aforementioned materials within a single on-chip platform, and therefore triggered a new line of research. This talk will cover the underlying principles of various optical phenomena with applications in low-energy optical telecommunications, on-chip spectroscopic devices and bio-sensing, and show some of the pioneering results in silicon carbide nanophotonics.