SCL Seminar by Zlatko Papic

Zlatko Papic from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada, visited SCL and presented a seminar:

"Entanglement in topological phases and interacting quantum disordered systems"


Though it was recognized early on as one of the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, entanglement has played an increasingly important role in condensed matter physics as well, in particular due to the fact that it underlies the recent ``tensor network" description of many-body systems, and through its practical uses as a resource for quantum computing. In this talk I will illustrate the profound role of the entanglement in two, rather different, types of physical systems: the topological phases arising in the context of the fractional quantum Hall effect, and the quantum disordered systems in a ``many-body localized"
phase. I will show that the entanglement provides a way to understand the structure of the topologically-ordered ground states via a direct link between conformal field theory, solvable models, and the ``matrix-product state" formalism. Furthermore, I will demonstrate that the entanglement also provides specific signatures for the non-equilibrium dynamics of disordered systems and determines the nature of the eigenstates in the ``many-body localized phase", which may have important consequences for controlling the coherence of isolated quantum systems in experiment.