Fast track access to HP-SEE

Starting from July 2012, HP-SEE project opens a continuous call for proposals from new user communities for a fast track access to HPC resources available in the South-East Europe. Researchers from the region are invited to apply for support in porting their scientific applications to resources such as HPC clusters with Intel-based CPUs, IBM POWER6 CPUs, PowerXCell 8i CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet or Infiniband. The resources for the fast track access are currently provided by resource centers in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania. Selected applications will be given access to HPC resources and will benefit from the technical support of HP-SEE experts during a two-month period.

The resources offered for this call are limited to 16 CPU cores per run and 4x480 GPUs cores per run.

The call is open to scientific communities not previously associated with the HP-SEE project, coming from the following countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

The proposals will be evaluated by the scientific committee and technical experts appointed by the HP-SEE project. The main evaluation criteria for proposals will be:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Technical feasibility
  • Capacity of reaching the proposal goals during the allocation period
  • The need for HPC resources
  • Impact of the expected results on creating opportunities for the applicant to apply for access to larger HPC resources.

Starting from 2 July 2012, applications can be submitted online at the fast track access website. The status of applications and the list of accepted projects will be published on the HP-SEE web site. The complete description of the application and evaluation process is available online at: