May was a month of intense media activity for SCL and the Institute as a whole. The activities started of with a series of three back-to-back articles that appeared in the daily newspaper Blic on May 12, 13 and 14. In the first two texts dr Aleksandar Bogojevic commented on a Serbian researcher initiative to reorganize science within the new government. The last of the texts focused on the coming upgrade of SCL’s Paradox HPC facility.

A whole avalanche of TV reports and interviews with dr Bogojevic followed focusing on the Paradox upgrade, HPC computing in Serbia, as well as SCL’s participation in the Framework Programme. Additional contributions were made by Danica Stojiljkovic, Dusan Vudragovic, Nikola Grkic, and Vladimir Slavnic.

  • May 17, Prva TV (short segment in the news + 10 minute segment)

  • May 21, Kopernicus TV (“Serbia on line” 15 minute interview)

  • May 22, RTS (Serbian Broadcasting Company) (“Belgrade program” 15 minutes)

  • May 22, B92 TV (two 10 minute reports on IPB’s supercomputing (SCL) and photonics laboratories)

Media showed continued interest on the topic of how best to organize and administer science in Serbia. In May dr Bogojevic gave the following interviews on this topic:

  • May 18, phone interview for Nature News on the state of science in Serbia

  • May 24, Euronet (“Serbia in CERN”)

  • May 29, Pancevo TV (50 minute interview on the state of science in Serbia)

Finally, the month saw a substantial increase of air-time given to SCL’s effort to promote and popularize science and technology. RTS journalist Vesna Pavlicek has pushed through a regular 4-5 minute segment on how modern science impacts everyday life in the weekly family show “All the colors of life”. During May dr Bogojevic has taped the following segments:

  • May 16, “Sugar with a different spin”

  • May 16, “Why we die”

  • May 16, “Economy of immortality”

  • May 22, “Networks of creativity”

  • May 22, “What would Faraday say about photonics”

  • May 22, “How we see, drive, and vote”

  • May 30, “Why do we need CERN?”

  • May 30, “Viruses and computer viruses”

  • May 30, “Supercomputers for farmers”

  • May 30, “Artificial butterflies”