EGEE gLite training and new SEE-GRID site

SCL's Antun Balaz and Branimir Ackovic held an EGEE-II gLite Site Administrator Training meeting and set up the new SEE-GRID site in Kragujevac - AEGIS04-KG. The site has one combined CE, SE, UI, MON node and six WN-s. The site administrators from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis (Marko Dimitrijevic) and RCUB (Dusan Radovanovic) also took part in the training.


Antun Balaz, SCL - Institute of Physics, Belgrade (AEGIS01-PHY-SCL)
Branimir Ackovic, SCL - Institute of Physics, Belgrade (AEGIS01-PHY-SCL)
Marko Dimitrijevic, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis (AEGIS03-ELEF-LEDA)
Dusan Radovanovic, RCUB - University of Belgrade (AEGIS02-RCYB)

New admins:

Milos Ivanovic, University of Kragujevac (AEGIS04-KG)
Miroljub Krstic, University of Kragujevac (AEGIS04-KG)
Nenad Filipovic, University of Kragujevac (AEGIS04-KG)
Zaharije Radivojevic, Faculty of Electrotehnic Engineering, Belgrade
Neda Svraka, SCL - Institute of Physics, Belgrade (AEGIS01-PHY-SCL)


Saturday, 24 June 2006

Introduction to Grids (1h)
EU GRID Projects Basic Facts (0.5h)
Introduction to EGEE-II and SEE-GRID-2 (1h)
Design and Basic Services of Grid Middleware (1h)
EGEE and SEE-GRID Infrastructure Overview (1h)

lunch break (1h)

Hands-on I: Composing the site-info.def file for AEGIS04-KG (1h)
Hands-on II: UI/CE/SE/MON Installation and Configuration (1h)
Hands-on III: WNs Installation and Configuration (1h)
Hands-on IV: Testing and Tuning (1h)
Hands-on V: Standard Grid usage (0.5h)