SCL’s Jakša Vučičević wins ERC grant

A prestigious grant from the European Research Centre, the third in the history of domestic science, has arrived in the Republic of Serbia. A young researcher of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, Dr Jakša Vučičević, has won an ERC grant for € 1.5 million for research which could bring about tectonic shifts in the study of the so-called high-temperature super-conductors and other open-ended questions of modern physics.

IAs stated by the European Research Council (ERC) in November 2022, with 11 independent reviews, Dr Vučičević won the ERC Starting Grant, on his first attempt, for the project under the acronym SCLoTHiFi and title:

Numerically exact theory of transport in strongly correlated systems at low temperature and under magnetic fields

which will try to shine a light on structural properties of materials which determine the so-called critical temperature value for superconductivity. These calculations of material response are rather difficult, they cannot be solved by an analytical method and, until recently, they were considered impossible to be solved numerically (employing computer simulations). However, Dr Vučičević has developed a new method which combines both analytical and numerical approaches, which has facilitated answers to questions that have long puzzled physicians across the globe.

For his work, Dr. Vučičević used and developed many advanced numerical methods, but his most important contribution is to the advancement of the analytical solutions and its rigorous proofs, as well as the analysis of the numerical results and their comparison to the available experimental data are contained in the following papers :

Universal Magnetic Oscillations of dc Conductivity in the Incoherent Regime of Correlated Systems
Analytical solution for time integrals in diagrammatic expansions: Application to real-frequency diagrammatic Monte Carlo
Real-frequency diagrammatic Monte Carlo at finite temperature
Conductivity in the Square Lattice Hubbard Model at High Temperatures: Importance of Vertex Corrections
Bad-Metal Behavior Reveals Mott Quantum Criticality in Doped Hubbard Models
Congratulations, Jakša!

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