nato Electronic Structure Calculations of Complex Materials
NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, Public Diplomacy Division Reintegration Grant

The Science for Peace and Security Programme offers grants to scientists in NATO, Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries to collaborate on priority research areas. The aim of the NATO Reintegration Grant is to support the reintegration of young Partner country scientists in their home countries after conducting research in NATO countries. Reintegration Grants are intended to give the returning fellow the means necessary to start a scientific career in his home country and to establish a research team in the research institution of his choice.

A Reintegration Grant, awarded to Dr. Darko Tanaskovic, is intended to support research activity on “Electronic Structure Calculations of Complex Materials”. Thermodynamic and transport properties of novel strongly correlated materials, like high-temperature superconductors, heavy fermions, transition metal oxides, and actinides, will be calculated using dynamical mean-field theory and its very recent extension “LDA+DMFT”. The proposed research is a direct continuation of the successful collaboration with Prof. Vladimir Dobrosavljevic from National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. It draws upon the expertise gained during the applicants doctoral studies at Florida State University. The high performance computing resources at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade will greatly facilitate the fulfillment of the proposed program.